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Exia Robotics is a brand founded in Bangkok, Thailand in 2019 by Mr. Napawit Lekawanich. With a background in software engineering and experience in the robotics and AI industry for over 10 years, Napawit has a strong passion for technology and saw a need for more innovation in Thailand. He founded Exia Robotics with the goal of integrating any field of technology into our lives, making it more accessible to everyone, and fulfilling the increasing need for innovative products and services in Thailand and abroad.

At Exia Robotics, we focus on leveraging advanced technological solutions for businesses and individuals all over the world. We believe that technology should be accessible to everyone and strive to provide efficient and effective robotics and AI-based solutions for our clients. Our success lies in our ability to understand the needs of our clients and deliver tailored solutions that exceed expectations. We are a forward-thinking company that is constantly innovating, and we look forward to bringing our unique brand of innovation to the world.
Nong Pao
If you're looking for a service robot that can handle all your business needs? Look no further than Nong Pao from Exia Robotics. Our innovative delivery robot has been designed to provide businesses with a precise, efficient and cost-effective solution for deliveries, document collection and customer guidance. Nong Pao features autonomous routing and navigation, as well as obstacle avoidance capabilities, making it the perfect choice for businesses looking for a hassle-free delivery solution.

In addition, our delivery robot can also be used for customer attraction and advertisement purposes providing you with a versatile solution that can be tailored to your specific business needs. If you’re looking for a reliable, intelligent and cost-effective delivery solution, and if you want to really make it stand out, you can customize it with your own beautiful mascot. Contact Exia Robotics today to find out more about Nong Pao.
Looking for a way to reduce the risk of germs and bacteria? Look no further than MagikTuch! This innovative technology uses sensors to detect when you place your finger over an elevator button, and automatically selects and operates the elevator without any need for physical contact. Whether you're heading to the office or going out for a night on the town, MagikTuch is the perfect way to keep yourself safe and clean.

The MagikTuch is not only a regular IoT device, but it is an innovative new product that combines the power of an IoT device with the flexibility of a robot. This combination allows the robot to move freely throughout a building, enabling it to perform a wide range of tasks. For businesses, the robot can be used for a variety of purposes, from delivering packages to cleaning floors.
The "Grande Centre Point SPACE Pattaya" hotel (our customer) introduces a delightful addition aimed at bringing joy to every guest: little "ORIONEX," the welcoming robot ready to assist visitors from the moment they step into the hotel.

ORIONEX is a product of cutting-edge AI development and mechanisms, inspired by the need for robots to interact and communicate naturally with children and families. It's designed to be a warm and welcoming companion to all guests. With a friendly and approachable design, ORIONEX not only looks adorable but also excels in effective communication and interaction in up to 3 languages: English, Chinese, and Thai. Moreover, focusing on creating meaningful interactions, ORIONEX features interactive games and special AI photo-taking abilities that turn guests into characters in exciting narratives, making ORIONEX more than just a regular robot.
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Cooking Robot

A cooking robot is a high-tech kitchen appliance that automates cooking tasks like chopping, stirring, grilling, and baking. With sensors and programmable settings, it replicates chef-like precision and can handle recipes from start to finish, making gourmet cooking more accessible.

Massage Robot

Discover the power of personalized massage therapy. This robotic massage arm offers customizable settings for pressure, technique, and targeted areas, ensuring a massage perfectly tailored to your needs.

Security Patrol Robot

This advanced security patrol robot combines the imposing presence of RoboCop with the functionality of an AGV platform. Its sleek metallic exterior and advanced sensor suite convey strength and technological superiority.

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Becoming the global brand of the era.
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